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I’m a web consultant from California’s Central Valley. For the past decade, I have helped nonprofit and small business owners expand their business through the web. Check out my freelancing website to get in touch.

photo of a scrapbook

My Version of Scrapbooking

Today, I finished migrating some old podcast files to a new CDN. In the process, I listened back to some of the episodes to hear what kind of asinine takes my friends and I had back in 2017. While the content itself is truly embarrassing, I love the fact that it’s there.

I have so many different pieces of creative content I’ve created with friends over the years: podcasts, songs, animated shorts, vlogs, and more. Most of which were just fun little spur-of-the-moment adventures to pass the time or break the monotony of our usual routine.

But looking back on them now, I realize that they are kind of my form of scrapbooking. Each podcast, YouTube video, or mp3 has a memory attached to it, and looking back at them is a way of preserving that memory in time. Whether these projects “served a purpose” or not, they serve as a link to the past, a link to a moment shared with the people I love.